5 of The Most Handsome Chinese Men On The Internet

It’s not an easy feat to stand out in a country of 1.3 billion people where more than half the citizens are men, but these 5 Chinese men not only to stand out, they shine so brightly that even Koreans are taking notice of their amazing looks.

Meet the five men who are China’s 1 in several hundred million:

1. Hu Yi Tian

Hu Yi Tian stars in A Love so Beautiful, a Chinese drama about the love between two high school friends that spans more than 19 long years! He’s not only good-looking, he’s also 188cm tall, which is one reason some Koreans are fangirling over him hard.

2. Fei Qi Ming

Fei Qi Ming is the face of Tik Tok, an app that lets users upload and view short videos. He’s been the subject of many Koreans’ interest as his Tik Tok ads have become quite popular. His cute, studious, and charming looks have won over many hearts!

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3. Song Weilong

He’s only a teenager and a new addition to a long line of illustrious Chinese actor/models, but Song Weilong stands out for his charismatic good looks. He started as an internet model and is now a full-on professional, getting calls from the industry’s big names!

4. Huang Jingyu

Good looks aren’t the only thing going for this model—an avid martial artist, Huang Jingyu’s ripped body has many hearts aflutter. He first gained attention for his fashion photoshoots, including ones with big fashion names like Esquire.

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5. Yang Yang

The star actor behind popular Chinese dramas like The Dream of Red Mansions and Melody of Youth, Yang Yang is no newcomer to the good-looking actor list. He maintains his position in the hearts of many fans for his ever-shining handsome face!

Source: Insight