These 5 Iconic Looks Gave Birth To K-Pop Fashion

In addition to the music, K-Pop is also known for its wild fashion. While there are countless fashion trends in the industry now, here are the five looks that started it all.

1. Big Ponytails & Big Scrunchies

S.E.S brought several classic looks to K-Pop through the music video for “I’m Your Girl,” but the most iconic would definitely have to be the high pony tail with a big scrunchy.

2. The Middle Part

In the music video “Couple” by Sechs Kies, most of the members rocked middle parts that were blowing just gently enough to see how it forms their face.

3. Hoop Earrings

Lee Hyori proved she was a fashionable diva with her huge, bold hoop earrings that turn all eyes on her.

4. Baggy, Colorful Clothes

H.O.T danced around in extra big and colorful overalls in their stage performances for legendary hit song “Candy.”

5. Belts

Baby V.O.X accessorized their outfits with fashionable belts, tying the outfit together perfectly.

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