5 Idol Goddesses Who Shine Even Without Any Makeup On

Seulgi was afraid her fans would leave her.

Even for those who are beautiful, it’s not easy revealing your face to the world without any makeup on.

But these 5 stars have either revealed their true faces on TV shows or showed up at the airport without any makeup on.

Here are the 5 idol goddesses who shine even without any makeup on:

1. Red Velvet‘s Seulgi

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Just last year, Seulgi revealed her makeup-free face on JTBC’s Secret Unnie.

As she slowly washed her makeup off, she expressed some worry saying, “My fans won’t leave me, right?

But when she revealed her clean face, fans were pleasantly surprised by her natural beauty.

2. BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo


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It’s not surprising that Jisoo is radiantly beautiful even without makeup.

When she has little to no makeup on, she receives a lot of admiration for her pleasantly plain and youthful look.

3. Red Velvet’s Irene

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Irene is an idol who isn’t fearful of showing up with no makeup on.

Her perfect skin and flawless beauty make fans doubt that she’s 27 years old.

4. Suzy

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Suzy flaunts flawless beauty that is in no need of makeup.

She has been famous for looking youthful without any makeup on for quite some time, and she unhesitantly shares photos of her makeup-less face on Instagram.

5. Im Bo Ra

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On FASHIONN’s Follow Me 10, Im Bo Ra shared her beauty know-how and revealed her makeup-less face.

Even without makeup, she had perfect skin and beautifully distinct features.

As an added note, Im Bo Ra is also famous for being the rapper Swings’ girlfriend.

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