5 Idols with Unrealistic Body Proportions

Fans claim they look even more unrealistic in person.

When an idol group steps up on stage, they all undoubtedly shine with their talent and looks. So it must take a lot for individual idols to stand out on their own.

One of the characteristics that really stand out is the body proportions that result from long legs and small faces. Here are 5 idol members who are known for their unrealistic body proportions:

1. TWICE‘s Jeongyeon

In recent weeks, online communities have been raving about Jeongyeon’s small face and long arms and legs. If you consider her small waist as well, her figure is no different from that of a mannequin.

Fans who have seen her in person commented that she looks even more like a mannequin in person.

2. ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo

As if Eunwoo’s handsome face wasn’t enough, he has outstanding body proportions as well. He’s been receiving overwhelming attention for his face, which seems smaller than that of most women, and his fashion sense which compliments his body even more.


Lisa is well-known as a living Barbie doll. She’s 166.5 centimeters tall, but her proportions make her look taller than 170 centimeters.

She’s also called the master of choreography due to the way she owns all choreographies with her long arms and legs.

4. NCT‘s Lucas

Lucas of NCT has such outstanding body proportions that he looks like he’s over 190 centimeters tall. His endless legs make people think wherever he walks is a runway.

5. Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri

Hyeri’s small face and phenomenal proportions often make female fans jealous. It’s suspected that her long and thin neckline makes her look taller than she is.

Fans often express their wishes to swap bodies with Hyeri and predict that she could pull off just about anything.

Source: Insight