Here Are 5 Stars Named ‘Jimin’ Who Stole The Hearts Of Fans Everywhere

Which Jimin is your favorite?

If names are a lucky charm, then Jimin is definitely the luckiest of them all! Here is a list of five famous ‘Jimin’s’ who are famous in Korea and around the world.

1. BTS’ Jimin

The list cannot begin with arguably the most popular Jimin in the world. Debuting in 2013 as a vocalist and dancer, Park Jimin has gone a long way in promoting both his group and K-Pop to the entire world.

He has often topped the brand reputation values list among male celebrities. Having majored in modern dance since childhood, he is also known for his unique dance line and powerful moves.

2. Han Jimin

Han Jimin is an actress and commercial model. Known for her dramas “Resurrection” (2005), “Rooftop Prince” (2012), and most recently “One Spring Night” (2019), she is definitely accomplished in her field.

Her youthful looks often make her well-desired by advertisers, appearing years younger than her actual age.

3. AOA’s Jimin

Shin Jimin is from the popular K-Pop girl group AOA. She participated in Mnet’s “Unpretty Rapstar” in 2015 and proved her title as one of the best idol rappers in K-Pop.

She has since released several successful songs including a collaboration with EXO’s Xiumin entitled “Call You Bae.”

4. Kim Jimin

Kim Jimin is the only comedian on this list. Known as one of the top beauties in the variety show world, she has made her mark in KBS’ “Gag Concert.”

Jimin has also branched out into hosting and acting, being the MC in “Get It Beauty” (2014) and acting in SBS’ drama “Mask.”


5. Park Jimin

Last but certainly not the least, Park Jimin made a strong entrance in the entertainment world when she won the first season of “K-Pop Star.” She joined JYP Entertainment and debuted in 2012 in the duo 15&.

She eventually branched out into hosting and releasing solo songs. Jimin’s exclusive contract with JYP ended after seven years on August 6, 2019.

All five Jimin’s have definitely made their mark in the entertainment world, from acting to singing to variety shows. Which Jimin is your favorite?

Source: Insight Korea