5 Korean Artists Who Climbed To The Top of Music Charts, Who Aren’t Idols

When you think of K-Pop idols, you think of knife-like choreography, dandy style, and heavy promotional activities.

However, these 5 musicians climbed to the top of the chart only with their voice and music.

1. Urban Zakapa

Urban Zakapa is an abbreviation for Urban, Zappy, Kaleidoscopic, and Passionate.

This K-Pop indie trio continually tops charts with their unique style and sophisticated sound.

Their trademark ballad style is popular among adult contemporary pop fans in Korea.

2. Melomance

Melomance is a male duo consisting of vocalist Kim Min Seok and pianist Jung Dong Hwan. Since their performance on KBS’s You Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook as a part of the indie idol special, their popularity has expanded exponentially.

Their single “Gift” that was released three months ago recently re-climbed to the top of multiple charts.

3. Jung Junil

Jung Junil might be relatively new to some by his name, but he is a frequent guest vocalist for many Korean Drama original soundtracks, as well as a producer of many chart-topping singles.

He hit a huge success with “First Snow” that was featured in Goblin, and now continues on that streak with “IF” on While You Were Sleeping.

4. Heize

Heize became a well-known collaboration artist before releasing her mega-hit single “Don’t Know You”.

Her impressive collaboration list includes Jay Park, DEAN, Highlight‘s Yong Junhyung and more.

She is a talented singer-songwriter who produces her own albums.

5. Park Won

This R&B Ballader earned the nickname of ‘eardrum hitting boyfriend’ because of his powerful range and strong vocal skills.

Park won first debuted with a boyband called One More Chance. 

He recently climbed to the top of the charts with his new single “All of my life”, making him a silent force in the K-Pop scene.

Source: Insight