5 Photos Prove Nobody Looks Better Than Suzy In Headbands

Suzy is beautiful no matter what she wears, but she can rock a headband like no other.

Suzy is constantly praised for her flawless good looks and adorable personality. She showcased both at a recent fan meet event in which she was given several cute headbands by fans – and wore them all!

Much to the amusement of the fans attending, Suzy switched headbands every time she was given a new one!

Check out the photos below!

This isn’t the first time that Suzy has been spotted looking super cute in headbands, either – and it’s no surprise when she looks this good in them!

Suzy looks super cute and innocent in this fuzzy-eared headband.


The cutest Korean Minnie Mouse!
Suzy rocks this big black bow like it’s nobody/s business.
Suzy, looking absolutely angelic in this flowery headband.

Which one is your favorite?