5 Pro Make-Up Tips MAMAMOO’s Solar Shared In Applying Flawless Autumn-Themed Make-Up

It was Solar’s first time to try western autumn themed make-up.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar tried an autumn-themed make-up look for the first time and, in the process, learned five professional make-up tips to enhance her looks. The make-up session was part of her latest episode in her vlog Solarsido.

Here are the tips and tricks she learned from the make-up artist who did her autumn-themed make-up.

1. Using a highlighter as preparation for cat’s eye styled eye make up

With a medium-sized flat brush, a highlighter is applied under Solar’s eyes, extending to the area above her cheekbones. The highlighter was applied with straight strokes like a demarcation line for where her eyeliner will follow. A sponge is used after to blend well.

| solarsido/YouTube 

2. Use wax to perfect the brows’ shape

Wax was applied to her brows to control the direction of her eyebrows. With wax, the hairs nearest to the center of her face were brushed upward, making them stay there.

| solarsido/YouTube 

3. Outer brows are darker than the inner brows

The shade and strokes of her outer brows were more defined than that of the inner brows. With this, her face has a dramatic effect without making her features look too sharp or defined.

| solarsido/YouTube 

4. Highlighter used to emphasize the cheekbones

Highlighters help lift the cheekbones and give the face more contours. The highlighter emphasizes the cheekbones by giving them a lifting effect.

| solarsido/YouTube  

5. Shading the lower lip area to make the lips look more full.

With the use of a brownish shade of make-up, the make-up artist shaded the underside of Solar’s lower lip to give it more fullness and make them look poutier. This trick works best with light lipstick shades.

| solarsido/YouTube 

The finished product. Solar does look dazzling with her autumn-themed make-up!

| solarsido/YouTube  

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