5 Reasons Why Kai Could Totally Play A Live Action Version of This Anime Character

EXO‘s Kai has many brilliant qualities about him – some of them are so brilliant, he’d make the perfect person to play this anime character.

EXO’s Kai has a unique similarity to the famous anime series Death Note‘s character Light. Light is a high school student who discovers a supernatural notebook, giving him the ability to kill anyone whose name and face he knows.

Kai’s intense and fierce characteristics along with his eerie stage presence are so like Light’s it’s hard not to imagine him as the lead for a live-action version of the show!

Check out the eerie similarities between the two below.

Both have an intense way of staring.

Kai looks so intense and scary.

Even though he is a cartoon character, Light is so intense.

Both rock the monster concept perfectly.

Kai is such a great dancer and he puts so many emotions into the steps, that he is even scary.

If you watch Death note, Light and Ryuk will give you nightmares.

Kai could nail a villainous laugh.

Kai also has the cold gaze.

He even has the fierceness and looks of an anime character.