5 Reasons Why Red Velvet’s “RED FLAVOR” Was The Most Popular Summer Song Of 2017

The massive hit of a song “Red Flavor” has been booming from the stereos all over Korea all summer and the fever still isn’t dying down. How has the situation gotten so wildly out of proportions? To name a few, here are 5 reasons why this Red Velvet song made it out of the park.

1. The song is adored by other idols

“Red Flavor” has been sung and performed by so many idol groups and artists that it’s hard to keep count! Among these Red Flavor fans are EXO, BLACKPINK, Girls’ Generation, TWICE, Wanna One, and BIGBANG.


2. Variety shows love playing the hit song

Even now, months after the song’s original release, show after show keeps on playing the song on their airings.

3. The song is promoted by Samsung and Apple

Not one but two major electronic brands promoted “Red Flavor” to the masses. Getting caught up in the summer fever of this song appears to have been simply unavoidable!

4. The song was chosen to be performed at the 77th FIP

Yes, indeed, the song was chosen to be performed by Red Velvet themselves at the 77th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences 2017.

5. Even international stars jumped on the summer hit wagon

That’s right even the comedian slash actor known by all, Jack Black, reacted to this very song.