5 Simple Korean Drinking Games That’ll Liven Up Your Night

South Koreans are known for their love of drinking LOTS of soju and these fun Korean drinking games are what helps keep the drinks flowing!

Try one of these 5 easy Korean drinking games:

1. Bottle-cap:
The great part about this game is that it can be played with your Soju bottle! Start by twisting off the cap. Once you’ve removed the cap, you will see a part of the cap that sticks out from the bottom. Take this extra piece and twist it (making sure not to detach it from the cap). Each person then takes turns flicking the end part of the cap until it falls off. The first person to successfully flick the end part of the cap off wins the round and everyone else has to take a drink.

Soju Bottle Cap Game
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2. Chopsticks:
Having Asian cuisine tonight? Here’s an ice-breaking game that will help you get to know your drinking buddies while you wait for your food. Someone (let’s call them the speaker) will put forth a statement or ask a question that could apply to a person sitting at the table and everyone, including the speaker, will then use their chopsticks to point at the person they think the statement/question best applies to. The person with the most chopsticks pointed at them must drink.

Pointing Chopsticks Game
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3. 3-6-9:
This one is really fun and requires no props! Here’s how it’s done:
Everyone in the group participates by saying the next number in the series, counting up from the number 1. Instead of the third person saying the number 3, however, they must clap. The person who is supposed to say the number 6 and the person who is supposed to say the number 9 must also clap. In fact, the objective of this game is to never say a number that ends with 3, 6 , or 9 but to clap once on those numbers instead. If a person says a number ending in 3, 6, or 9 instead of clapping he/she must drink.

3-6-9 Korean drinking game
3-6-9  drinking game









4. Tap:
As the name implies, this game involves a lot of tapping your drink on the table. It may sound easy at first, but each player must pay close attention to how many times the last drink was tapped on the table. The first player starts by tapping his/her drink on the table once, which passes the turn on to the player to his/her right. The next player must then decide whether to tap his/her drink once, twice, or three times. Tapping the drink once will pass the turn on to the first person on the right, twice will pass the turn back to the sender to the left, and three times will pass the turn on to the right, but will skip the player immediately adjacent the player whose turn it is. Whoever messes up the tapping order, by tapping when he/she is not supposed to, must drink.

soju and beer
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5. Baskin Robbins 31:
Baskin Robbins is known for its 31 delicious flavors of ice cream but, in this Korean drinking game, the number 31 is something you want to avoid. Baskin Robbins 31 is played by counting from 1-31 in turns and the objective is to not be the one who is stuck having to say 31 at the end. The first person can either say “1”; “1, 2”; or “1, 2, 3”. The next person must start by saying the next number in the series and has the option of saying 1, 2, or 3 following numbers. The game continues with each person saying 1-3 of the numbers following the last player’s series until the number 30 is reached. Whoever gets stuck having to say “31” must drink.

Baskin Robbins Korean drinking game
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Have fun and drink responsibly!