5 Stars Who Are Leading The Way With This Trending Eye Makeup

Fans have noticed this unusual style of eyeliner celebrities wear to give their eyes a bigger and brighter appearance.

Fans online noticed that female idols and actresses who have monolids sometimes wear their makeup in this unique style. The makeup involves creating what is called a “tattoo line” with eyeliner and eyeshadow that is very thick and goes up the eyelid. This thick line will give the eyes the appearance of a more defined line and greater depth for a look that is bright and innocent in one moment, and sexy the next.

Check out this list of idols who are known for this dusty eyeliner tattoo look.

Red Velvet’s – Seulgi

The thick liner and gold eyeshadow make her eyes stand out.

With her eyelids half closed, the look is instantly more serious and sexy.

Wonder Girls’ – Sohee

Sohee is famous for this style of eyeliner and used to wear it dramatically.

Often an additional layer of color is added above the line (like the pink and blue here) to give the makeup a more complete look.


CL’s eyeliner is famous for being incredibly thick – so much so that it is always easy to see.

The look is powerful and endearing at the same time.

Park Bo Young

The beautiful Oh My Ghostess actress also sports this makeup style for a doe-eyed aesthetic.

The look gives her eyes a more defined line that is so pretty.

Girl’s Day – Minah

Minah is also known for this fresh-faced look with an edge.

A thick line plus two shades of eyeshadow give her a visual dynamic look!

Bonus: BTS – V

Some male celebrities have also used this makeup style in order to make their eyes appear bigger as well!

V has also worn this heavy look for a number of comebacks and events.

This look wears well on V too!

Of course, there are a number of trending eye makeup looks in Korea and the style depends on the idol wearing it! Eye makeup isn’t the only way to define a look either – eyebrow shapes also help create a look.