5 Stars Who Would Have Hit It Big If They Debuted as Idols

Lee Jong Suk’s cover of “New Face” will make you smile.

Have you ever wondered how your favorite actors would have been on stage if they debuted as idols?

There have actually been 5 actors who transformed into idols during their fan meeting and surprised their fans with a different charm.

Here are the 5 actors who would have been successful even if they debuted as idols:

1. Park Bo Gum

On January 26, Park Bo Gum covered 17 songs at his fan meeting.

In particular, fans were impressed by his cover of SEVENTEEN‘s “Pretty U”, which he danced to flawlessly.

2. Lee Jong Suk

The popular actor, Lee Jong Suk gifted his fans with a cover of PSY‘s “New Face”.

He seemed a little embarrassed, but he still touched his fans with his impressive cover using his long arms and legs.

3. Lee Dong Wook

The actor Lee Dong Wook wore an oversized hoodie and danced to TWICE‘s “TT” for his fans.

His accurate cover made fans question if he’s actually in his late 30s.

4. Lee Joon Gi

The actor Lee Joon Gi is well known for holding fan meetings that are very much like concerts.

Last year, he covered BIGBANG‘s “Fantastic Baby”, “Good Boy”, and “Bang Bang Bang” which received a lot of attention.

5. Park Min Young

The beloved Park Min Young of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim had her first fan meeting last year.

She even received lessons from choreographer May J in order to do Ariana Grande‘s “God is a Woman” justice for her fans.

Source: Insight