5 Stars Who Were Victims of Severe Bullying in High School

Sejeong confessed that she was very lonely as a kid.

It’s probably hard to imagine that bright and shining stars once used to be bullied for some kind of flaw. But there are quite a few stars who revealed their painful past on television.

Here are 5 stars who overcame bullying and got stronger to become the loved idols they are today:

1. Kang Daniel

On a 2017 broadcast of KBS2’s Hello Counsellor, Kang Daniel confessed to having been bullied in the past.

Kang Daniel said he was bullied for being ugly, but he raised his own confidence with the thought, “I might be uglier than you guys, but I’m better at singing and dancing than you are.

2. Yoo In Na

The actress, Yoo In Na confessed that she was bullied by her friends when she was a high school junior because she was being favorited by their homeroom teacher.

Yoo In Na was preparing to become an actress at the time, so her teacher allowed only her to grow out her hair, which her friends were jealous of. Yoo In Na said, “When I came back from lunch, my chair was broken or there were leftover side dishes on my desk.

3. Kang Min Kyung

Davichi‘s Kang Min Kyung was also bullied when she was in school.

On a variety show, she confessed, “When I transferred schools in high school, everyone bullied me as a group. I was scared to go to school.” In order to overcome this, she made an effort to become close with them first and ended up breaking free from the bullying after 2 weeks.

4. Park Bo Young

It might be hard to believe that lovable Park Bo Young was bullied when she was in school.

When Park Bo Young appeared on MBC’s Come to Play, she was asked, “Have you ever had a hard time for being famous?” In response, she said, “I didn’t do anything to do this person, but they even filled my desk with garbage.

She went on to say, “I know people have their ups and downs, but I really hated that. But thanks to them, I try harder to smile.

5. Kim Sejeong

Gugudan‘s Kim Sejeong confessed that she was a very lonely child who was often alone.

Due to her family’s circumstances, Sejeong had to watch her mother struggle as she raised two children, so she tended to suppress her own feelings.

She said, “Since I couldn’t tell my family about my feelings, I had a hard time expressing myself to friends, too. Since I kept my mouth shut, the friends around me drifted away.