These Are The 5 Things The Onion Wants You To Know About BTS

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The Onion is famous for being the news website that isn’t actually a news website.

For more than 40 years, The Onion has published satirical articles that put an interesting twist on the biggest trends in world news. K-Pop is not an unfamiliar topic to the seasoned website as it has written articles before about the music genre.

With BTS‘s successful comeback smashing international records, The Onion has covered this sensational boy group in one of their humorous articles.

Their video consisted of five facts that everyone should know about BTS.

While The Onion can be pretty critical and biting in its commentary, their coverage of BTS was nothing but affectionate and light-spirited.

A few of these facts made it clear that The Onion was a huge fan of this charismatic boy group. They couldn’t even choose a bias.

And The Onion also gave us a perfect response to a question that every K-Pop fan has ever been asked.

However, the classic satire still resurfaced throughout the video. Some of the facts made BTS sound less like a K-Pop group and more like the Straw Hat Pirates.

Many ARMYs have taken the article with a great attitude and were excited that BTS had the opportunity to be covered by The Onion.

Looks like ARMYs can truly be found everywhere and anywhere!