5 Things We’ll Miss When T.O.P Enlists

BIGBANG‘s T.O.P will be leaving for his military service this year, and he will definitely be missed while he’s gone.

The dreaded moment has finally come as T.O.P will be enlisting in the army next month. Military enlistment is mandatory for all Korean men, and since idols are not exempt T.O.P will spend the next two years in service of the South Korean military.

It’s been ten years since the Korean music industry was introduced to T.O.P. From his goofy personality and wacky sense of humor to his unique voice, he possesses countless qualities that will surely be missed. Here are just five of the things fans might miss the most about T.O.P:

1. T.O.P’s Instagram 

happy birthday bro

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We will all surely miss T.O.P’s bizarre Instagram posts. Instagram is a way for idols to let everyone into their lives and to feel closer to one another, and T.O.P took things to another level with his unique and mind-boggling posts.

2. Silly moments

Bingu is T.O.P’s nickname “bingu” literally translates to “stupid,” Despite his tough exterior and deep voice, he’s proven he’s quite a jokester among idols.

3. His bond with G-Dragon

T.O.P and his BIGBANG leader G-Dragon are notoriously close.  The two members have a connection and friendship that is simply adorable, and the next two years may be a little duller without seeing their cute interactions.

4. His “You Like” Phrase

T.O.P’s catchphrase has become legendary among fans. Without hearing it, fans might have to resort to playing old videos to hear his voice again.

5. “Happy Birthday Bro”

Happy Birthday Bro” has become the new “You Like?” and fans are in love with every bit of it.  T.O.P annoying the other members of BIGBANG is hilarious, and the group will definitely feel his absence immediately.