5 times GOT7’s Mark and Jackson tumbled their way into fans’ hearts

Becoming an idol is serious work, but learning martial arts tricking and tumbling at the same time sounds almost impossible.

Amazingly, GOT7‘s Jackson and Mark have become the staple flips and tricks duo in the K-pop world. Fans just really love seeing this duo show off their skills and it does make them stand out from all the other idols.

From music videos to variety shows and reality shows to fan meetings, here are five times Mark and Jackson showed off their amazing tumbling skills.

1. WIN vs. JYP Dance Battle

We first got a glimpse of Mark and Jackson’s skills on Win: Who is Next with the WIN vs. JYP dance battle. The boys impressed their competitors with their flying skills and this was just a preview of what was to come for the future GOT7’s debut.

2. Girls Girls Girls

Fans were gifted with more tricks from the boys in their debut music video, Girls Girls Girls. This didn’t just extend to the music video either, as the boys continued to flip in live performances as well.

3. A

Nothing like impressing a girl by flipping right in front of her like Mark in the A music video. As a bonus, TWICE‘s Sana appeared in the video as well!

4. GOT7 Covers 2PM

Giving a nod to one of the original K-pop groups who would tumble, GOT7 covered 2PM‘s “10 out of 10” and definitely did not leave out the amazing flips.

5. Running Man

Mark and Jackson teamed up on Running Man to have a tumbling face off with two comedians. The outcome was definitely funny to watch and it’s always nice seeing other people join in on the tumbling fun.

Mark and Jackson have some serious flipping skills and hopefully they get to showcase them again soon.