5 Times Idols Went From Sexy to Dorky

Idols always show charismatic personas while on stage, but once they are off the stage, a whole other personality can shine through.

Fans love the moments from when they catch their favorite idols going from sexy and charismatic onstage to completely dorky offstage. From singing new versions of their songs to making up silly new dance moves, these moments of offstage hilarity are always a great reminder of how talented and hilarious idols can be!

Here are five times idols went from super charismatic and sexy to super dorky in moments:

1. BTS

BTS are known to show a very charismatic and fierce image while performing onstage and in their music videos. From amazing rapping skills and complicated dances, they always bring charisma and energy to their performances.

But outside of a performance, BTS showed off their dorky sides – especially Jungkook. He wasn’t afraid to show off his trot skills while singing to N.O. and the members even went on to give an opera version of the song too. So funny and adorable!

2. EXO

EXO‘s Kai always gives his all into his performances and fans can’t help but become mesmerized by his dancing.  His solo dance performances almost always incorporate modern dance and are very intricate.

On the flip side, he isn’t afraid to show some fun with his dancing. On a variety show, he went for a more traditional dance and even threw in a few spins.


VIXX‘s stages for Chained Up were nothing less than powerful and sleek with their synchronized dancing that charmed their way into their fans hearts.

Fans were then in for a treat when they released this Christmas version of the dance practice. Dressed up as reindeer and Santa Claus, the members made full use of their Christmas props, and this video was a great gift for their fans even if it was a complete 180 from their stage performances.

4. Red Velvet

Red Velvet‘s perfect dancing and quirky stages are what sets them apart from other groups, especially with Russian Roulette. The girls of Red Velvet always showcase a fun and vibrant vibe and fans love the different colors they show while onstage.

But off stage, the girls are super dorky and aren’t afraid to show off some funny faces. In particular, the girls tried to make Seulgi laugh using different techniques and they also performed their Russian Roulette dance with a different fashion piece.


TWICE are known for their insanely catchy songs and dance moves. Fans love watching them onstage and singing along to their songs, especially TT.

Equipped with different Kakaotalk character plushies, TWICE went all out in this version of TT. Plushies were flying everywhere and their hair flips were out of control. Needlessly to say, there was a lot of jumping involved, but this version was adorable nonetheless.