5 Times K-Pop Idols Surprised Fans By Personally Responding To Their Messages

K-Pop fans always leave messages for their biases without giving it a second thought, but sometimes those lucky fans might actually get a reply from their favorites.

Although it may seem highly unlikely to get noticed by a celebrity, it actually happens more than you would think, all thanks to social media. Social media has definitely brought fans closer to their idols at the most surprising times and creates a space for celebrities and their fans to bond.

Check out 5 times idols surprised fans by personally responding to their messages below:

1. K.A.R.D

A fan asked, ” which KARD member do you spend your time the most?”

Here a fan tweeted, “Based on ur prior personal experiences of struggle with ur body & self-esteem, do you have any advice for others?

This fan said “Do you know what is the diff. between cheese and somin? Cheese melts in my mouth but Somin melts in my heart ” 

2. Bom

Bom responds to tweets constantly!  She is incredibly sweet.

3.  BTS

BTS constantly interacted with fans back when they were a smaller group.



4. DAY6’s Jae

When Jae had a personal Twitter account, he constantly responded to his fans.

5. CL

Even CL responds to fans.