5 Underrated Girl Groups You Need To Check Out

These five underrated girl groups prove that even though they are lesser-known groups, they aren’t lacking in talent at all.

While girl groups such as Girls’ Generation, BLACK PINK, and TWICE dominate the K-pop scene, many talented acts do not find the same audience these musical giants. Here are five K-Pop girl groups that, while much less-known, are definitely worth checking out.

Girls Girls

Debuting at the end of 2015 under H Brothers EntertainmentGirls Girls are 4 member group who totally own the tough and sexy concept. Their most recent song, “Juicy Secret”, came out at the end of 2016 and displays the girls’ strong visuals and catchy hip hop style.


BP RaNia

BP RaNia made headlines back in 2015 when they announced Alexandra, the first African-American to debut in a K-Pop group, would be joining the DR Music girl group.

BP RaNia are an entirely different group to then though, undergoing a huge lineup change in 2016, that saw 4 new members being added to the group. As well as these new faces, BP Raina welcomed changes in their look, sound, and concept, now showcasing their fresh new cute visuals and R&B inspired K-Pop sound.


Brave Girls

Brave Girls are a 5 member group debuting under Brave Entertainment in 2011. The members are incredibly versatile, able to go from cute to sexy in the blink of an eye, and their music follows suit, as the group never stay in one style for long either. Their most recent song, “Rollin'” combines K-Pop with heavy influences from the tropical house.

Check out their music video, Rollin’, below!


Fourth on the list is the 4-member Melody Day. Debuting in 2014 under Cer.Ker Entertainment, Melody Day root themselves in K-Pop’s familiar cute concept but can switch it up at the drop of a hat. Their song “Kiss on the Lips” shows the girls have what it takes to become a well-known name in K-Pop.



Last, but certainly not least, is 2ABLE Company‘s A.DE. These 7 girls will brighten up anyone’s day with their adorably cute concept. Debuting in 2016, these rookies might just be beginning their journey through the ranks of the K-Pop charts, but the upbeat “Good Times” is all that’s needed to make even the most stressful days glorious.