5 Wise Things MONSTA X’s Shownu Said That Made Him Sound Like Master Shifu

He had only the best things to say.

MONSTA X‘s Shownu knows how to keep calm and carry on. His ability to maintain complete inner peace is wowing his fans – some of whom have asked him for advice and gotten some of the wisest answers ever! Here are the top 5 wise words that Shownu has told his fans that made him sound very much like the wisdom-filled Master Shifu from “Kungfu Panda”.


1. On Diligence

Q. How do I become as cute as you are?
A. I’m trying too. There isn’t anything you can’t do if you try.

When a Monbebe asked Shownu his secret to being super cute, Shownu ended up sharing one of the wisest answers ever given to this question. He said “being cute” doesn’t just happen for him – he’s actually trying to achieve it. And hence, according to Shownu, if there is effort – there is a way.


2. On Patience

Q. Sometimes you have to do what you hate to do what you love. How do you personally get through that?
A. I just do it.

Shownu is only human, so there are days when he has to do something he really doesn’t like doing. Whether it be working out on a lazy day, or whatever else it may be, Shownu also has his list of dislikes that he inevitably has to face. When a Monbebe asked Shownu how he gets through such times, he said the key is to simply confront it. If there is no way to avoid it, no other way to run from it, then just face it. Face it, do it, and be done with it!


3. On Gratitude

Q. What is your best advice on life, as the oldest member?
A. Be grateful unless it is the absolute worst.

Shownu has also told Monbebes to be grateful for everything they have – even when the things don’t look or feel like the best. Shownu constantly asks his fans to appreciate even the little insignificant things, the minuscule things that seem meaningless. In fact, he has shared this particular piece of advice with several Monbebes – meaning it is something Shownu himself also aspires to live by too. Shownu said, unless something is the absolute worst – and even then – Monbebes should remain grateful for all that happened to happen.


4. On Goodness

Q. What do you think are the traits of a good person?
A. There is no such thing as a “bad person”.

For Shownu, goodness is seeded in everyone. When he was asked to describe the traits he redeems as “good” in a person, Shownu instead pointed out that no one is completely and solely “bad”. In other words, there is something good to be found in everybody – and he thrives to look for those rather than the bad. This kind of optimism and high hope for the humanity is something Monbebes learn from Shownu everyday.


5. On Full Bellies

You know humans can only carry out acts of kindness when they are smart. And humans become smart when they have full bellies.

Last, but definitely not the least, Shownu has shared the only truth there is to remember about food – about keeping ourselves well fed and happy. He pointed out that happy people with full bellies are more likely to carry out acts of kindness – hence, we should strive to keep our bellies full to make the world a better place! Monbebes were not surprised when Shownu, well known for his passionate love for food and eating, shared this piece of advice – and are also striving to be good natured people by eating well and staying happy!

Source: THEQOO