5-year-old Named ‘China’s Youngest Dancing Auntie’ Is Going Viral For Her Epic Moves

This 5-year-old girl is going viral after showing off her awesome moves while leading a group of dancing ladies in a public square.

Dancing aunties are older women who enjoy dancing together in public, making large public dances a common sight across China. While most of the participants are older women, this one little girl has been gaining attention ever since she began busting her moves alongside them.

The youngest dancing auntie blends right in with the original dancing aunties!

Jing Jing is a 5-year-old girl who started learning how to dance only a couple of months ago. It seems she had the talent in her all along as she quickly became the leader of her dance group and blended in with the aunties right away.

Watch as she leads the rest of the aunties!

Ever since videos of her went up on social media, she’s been a hit sensation. Every time she dances, huge crowds garner around and watch her. Some even join in on the fun! She shows the world that even young girls like her are capable of joining the dancing aunties.

Check out more of China’s Youngest Dancing Auntie below:

This girl is a natural born dancer!
People can’t help but become captivated by her dance moves.
This dancing auntie has become an internet sensation. Look at all those people crowded around her just to take a picture!
She is on par with all the other dancing aunties despite being only five years old!
She’s setting an example for all the other dancing aunties.

Source: Shanghaiist