$50,000 Donation Raised For A Young Boy Who Walks To School In The Freezing Cold

Chinese netizens have raised over $50,000 for a young boy who walks over 2 miles to and from school every day and other children in similar positions.

10-year-old Wang Manfu went viral after he arrived at school with his hair and eyebrows completely frozen.

It takes Wang Manfu over an hour to get to school every day as he has to walk 2.8 miles through rocky mountains and brave the cold.

The Yunnan China Youth Development Foundation launched a donation campaign upon hearing of his story.

They have collected a total of $50,397 to help purchase winter coats and other warm clothing for young children so far.

Wang Manfu lives with his older sister and grandmother.

His father works as a migrant worker and only returns home once every 4-5 months, but he calls home every week. His mother left the family years ago.

Even though his daily journey to school is long and arduous, he is still an excellent student and son.

His dream is to become a policeman to catch criminals and his resolution for the new year is to study hard and earn some money to buy medicine for his grandma.

Wang Manfu’s hands are showing signs of frostbite but he was still able to get a 99 on his exam.

Source: China Daily