500,000 Koreans Fighting To Stop Horrific Pedophile’s Release From Prison

Nearly half a million people have signed a petition calling for a retrial of a pedophile Cho Doo-soon, who is set to be released from prison in 2020.

As of November 13, the petition on Korean Government Blue House website had over 487,000 signatures calling for Cho Doo Soon to be kept in prison for life.

People want Cho Doo Soon to be kept away not only because of the extent of the public outrage against the crime but also because they are concerned about him committing further crimes.

In 2008, Cho raped an eight-year-old girl, Nayoung,  that left her with permanent damage to multiple organs.

The intoxicated Cho Doo Soon gagged Nayoungwith his hand and brought her to a public toilet nearby. He then bashed and choked the girl until she fainted. He then sexually attacked her, causing horrific internal injuries.

The extensive injury left Nayoung to live with a hole in her stomach, with a colostomy bag attached to her as over 80% of her rectum, large intestine and female genitals were damaged due to the incident.

Despite prosecutors’ demand for a life sentence, the final court ruling rejected the remorseless appeal and sentenced him to only 12 years in prison.

Now the citizens are demanding harsher punishment for Cho Doo Soon and Korean Government is set to release a statement, due to the rule that any petition over 200,000 signature must be replied by the government.

Source: Insight