51-Year-Old Mom Shocks Internet With Freezing Bikini Photoshoot

She’s 51 but her body is the definition of perfection.

A fit 50-year-old mom from China has the internet in shock with her ridiculously hot bikini body in freezing temperatures.


Liu Yelin recommends winter as the best time of the year for building a gorgeous body like this. She also believes that the cold helps stun the aging process!


With this physique, it’s obvious that Liu exercises everyday. But she believes the special trick is swimming outside during the winter and doing yoga in the snow.


Liu has over 150,000 followers on Weibo after going viral for a much warmer photoshoot and for looking more like a hot girlfriend than mom next to her 23-year-old son.


Props to this mom for proving for taking good care of what she’s got and providing ultimate #snowbod goals for everyone.