This 53-Year-Old CEO’s Viral Cover Of BTS’s “DNA” Will Make You Wonder What You’re Doing With Your Life

This guy has some serious moves!

Music is one of the few things in the world that can transcend language barriers and age gaps. With its catchy beat, incredible music videos, and jaw-dropping choreography, K-Pop has taken over the world stage and is beloved by all.


But nothing will make you question your own dedication to music more than this 53-year-old man dancing to BTS‘s “DNA”!

His moves are so good you’ll start to question your own ability to dance and you’ll probably be left with the feeling that you should be doing more with your life!


At a recent event held in Japan, the 53-year-old Hiroshi Okamoto got to show off some of his surprisingly good dance moves.


Not only were his moves impressive and true to BTS’s own performances, but Hiroshi looked like he was having the time of his life!


During the day, Hiroshi is a director of a Japanese company, but in his spare time he busts some moves with his business team!

Hiroshi is actually the leader of his K-Pop dance group.


There’s no denying that the team has some major dance talent. Despite their small size, they were able to perform some of the more complicated moves with great success.

It’s hard not to be impressed with that arm wave!


Their awesome dance has captured the attention of many netizens online and the video of their performance has gone viral.


It seems like nobody can get enough of the 53-year-old dancing machine and his K-Pop-loving business team!

Hiroshi and his team also won an award for their great dancing skills!


Fall in love with Hiroshi and his business team by watching the full performance below. Just a warning, it will make you want to run out and learn these moves yourself!