5 Seconds Of Summer Admit Their K-Pop Fan Status And Desire To Collaborate With Korean Artists

They love K-Pop as much as the rest of us!

5 Seconds of Summer, a popular Western boy band, just released their fourth studio album CALM on March 27. Part of their promotions for the album included a trip to Korea, which they recently discussed through Universal Music.

The group starred as guests on the show Welcome, First Time In Korea? while visiting the country. They had the opportunity to show their unique personalities and talk about their upcoming album, as well as what they thought of Korea and what they’d been doing while there.

“We visited various places in Seoul as free-spirited tourists. It was my birthday, and we got to do the things we wanted, so filming was fun.”

— Luke Hemmings (5SOS)

The members were also asked about which Korean artist they would like to collaborate with, and shared their love for popular Korean idol groups!

When we went to Korea, GOT7 came to see our concert. They’re great guys and artists we like. We also saw MONSTA X at a radio show. They’re also great. A lot of awesome artists are being produced from Korea.

— Michael Clifford (5SOS)

A collaboration between 5 Seconds of Summer and either of those two K-Pop groups would be incredible, so hopefully it will become a reality soon!  The Western boy band has also expressed their love for BLACKPINK, BTS, and DAY6 in the past as well, showing their status as true K-Pop fans.