6 Amazing Pictures Of Seolhyun’s Sexy Stage Outfit

AOA‘s Seolhyun had all eyes on her in this incredible white crop top and matching short shorts.

Seolhyun’s jaw-dropping outfit definitely turned heads as she showed off her incredible figure at the group’s latest show. The tight white crop top, white short shorts, and pink blouse conspire together to make one heck of a sizzling outfit.

Take a look at the photos below (you might want to catch your breath first):

Seolhyun - Outfit 1
Seolhyun knows how to take our breath away.

Seolhyun - Outfit 2
Seolhyun may just be a goddess on Earth.

Seolhyun - Outfit 3
Seolhyun’s outfit showcases her incredible 11 abs.

Seolhyun - Outfit 4
The cute, pink blouse adds an element of innocence to this otherwise steamy outfit.

Seolhyun - Outfit 6
She knows her fans will never get tired of that S-line.

Seolhyun - Outfit 5
Seolhyun leaves fans’ jaws dropped once again.