6 Female Idols That Defy the Cute and Girly K-Pop Image

The cute and girly image are loved by many fans in the k-pop world, from aegyo to adorable charms. But there are a few female idols who have a more sexy and edgy concept.

These idols stray away from the normal Korean beauty standards and showcase their beauty in a different way, but we still can’t get enough of them!

Check out the list of 6 smoking hot female idols down below:

1. HyunA

HyunA poses for Dazed Magazine
HyunA is known for her sexiness and fierce aura!

2. CL 

CL poses for Magazine.
The “Baddest Female” poses for a sexy shoot!

3. Hyorin of SISTAR

Hyorin poses for Cosmopolitan Magazine
Hyorin in a black dress that shows off her curves!

4. Jessi

Jessi photoshoot
Besides her strong rap skills, Jessi shows off her long legs and tan skin.


5. Ailee

Ailee photoshoot
Ailee flaunting her figure for a spread on GQ Korea.

6. Hwasa of MAMAMOO

Hwasa singing
Hwasa is known for her curves and honey thighs!

These idols definitely show a different side to beauty in K-Pop! Which idol do you think defies the cute girl image the most?