6 Female Idols Who Are Actually Huge BTS Fangirls

They blush when they talk about BTS.

No girls are immune to BTS’s charms, not even idols! These female idols have fallen for BTS, and they aren’t afraid to admit that they’re fans!

1. LABOUM’s Yulhee

During an appearance on Pops in Seoul, Yulhee revealed that her ideal type is a guy with monolids, and when she was asked if there were any idols with monolids she liked she admitted that Suga was one of them!

2. Kim Hwan Hee

Kim Hwan Hee appeared on Happy Together alongside some members of EXO, but when she was asked about what groups she liked she shared that she really loved BTS!

3. SECRET’s Jieun

Jieun shared that BTS has caught her eye because of their talent. When she was asked if any particular member was her favorite, she said she couldn’t decide!


KARA also named BTS as a group that caught their attention, specifically Jungkook! One of the members admitted that when she saw Jungkook wink at the camera, her heart fluttered.

5. I.O.I (especially Doyeon)

The girls of I.O.I didn’t hesitate to start singing “Blood Sweat & Tears” in the middle of an interview when Doyeon mentioned that she would like to be in BTS if she was a man.

6. BP Rania’s Ttabo

Ttabo shared that her ideal type is BTS’s Jungkook during an interview. It seems like Jungkook has caught the eye of many female idols!