6 Girl Groups Show Their Vocal Skill with Acapella Covers

These six girl groups have amazing vocals and they really shine when they sing acapella.

K-pop groups are known to be exceptionally talented at dancing, rapping, and especially singing. These six girl groups will remind you just why K-Pop idols are praised so often for their talents.


The girl group, MAMAMOO, sang an acapella version of their song, “Um Oh Ah Yeh,” Stooshe‘s “Love Me,” as well as EXO‘s “Growl.” MAMAMOO continues to have some of the best vocals in the industry.


GFRIEND also covered Stooshe‘s “Love Me,” but it really shows off some amazing harmonies. Despite only debuting in 2015, this group is making quite a name for themselves in the industry and it’s well deserved.

3. Red Velvet

Red Velvet did an amazing cover of the American girl group, The Pussycat Doll‘s song “Stickwitu.” Red Velvet’s harmonization was on point and really helped to highlight their stunning voices.


BLACKPINK got off to a bit of a rocky start, but their acapella version of “Stay” showcased each girls’ voice. This cover had a fun feel and the girls have such angelic voices.

5. Gugudan

Gugudan shows off their amazing English accents in their cover of “Under the Sea.” Their voices pack so much emotion that it’s hard not to sing along. Even throughout the hard work of shooting a music video, the girls of Gugudan sing flawlessly.

6. Lovelyz

Lovelyz‘ acapella cover of Michael Jackson‘s “Beat It” is so amazing that you’ll want to listen to it on repeat. This song has a lot of different parts, but the girls put them all together perfectly.

These groups all have such amazing vocals, so hopefully we get to hear them sing more and more songs acapella.