6 Hilarious Videos Of Idol Groups Attempting The Mannequin Challenge

Idols are always taking part in various viral internet challenges, but there’s something special about these groups’ attempts at the mannequin challenge.

For those unfamiliar with the mannequin challenge, the challenge consists of an individual or group of people holding poses (like a mannequin) while a camera pans around them (usually to music). The mannequin challenge seems to have died down in popularity, but it is now picking up in Korea, with a lot of idols participating in them with their fans more often in 2017.

Here are 6 idol groups who have made their own hilarious attempts at the mannequin challenge:


SEVENTEEN participated in the mannequin challenge by posing all over what looked like a backstage waiting room for MAMA 2016. They used their challenge as a music video for the song “Boom Boom” and managed to stay in character for 3 whole minutes before breaking into dance around the 3:10 mark.


2. GOT7

GOT7 also filmed their mannequin challenge at MAMA 2016, where they posed as mannequins to their song “Hard Carry”. As the challenge progressed, the members became progressively more creative with their poses, and finally broke out of their freeze at around the 2:50 mark.


3. B1A4

B1A4 filmed their mannequin challenge in a cafe to their song “A Lie”, posing as regular customers with lively and cute facial expressions. The members of B1A4 finally broke out of their mannequin characters after 3:00 minutes.



The members of GFRIEND all looked like real mannequins with their stylish and adorable performance outfits, slender bodies, and doll-like faces. They filmed the challenge at the luxurious W Hong Kong Hotel, on what seems to be the roof top bar. They all came together in the end to finish performing to their song, “Rough”, after almost 3 minutes.


5. WJSN Cosmic Girls

WJSN Cosmic Girls also participated in the mannequin challenge in what looked like a cafe, where they showed their cheeky sides. Many of the comments on their mannequin challenge praised them for their spot on portrayal of mannequins.




VICTON‘s mannequin challenge was unique in that only one member of the group was not a mannequin; thus, he went around and changed the positions of the other members to cheeky poses. He even tried to remove the shirt from one of the members, causing them to break character and punish him jokingly.


Which idol group’s mannequin challenge did you like the best?


Source: Tistory