These 6 Idols Love Sleeping So Much They Could Fall Asleep Anywhere

These six idols have managed to prove that bedrooms are not the only places that you can sleep in!

It’s no secret that k-pop idols have hectic schedules, and a lack of sleep comes with them. However, some idols have been so exhausted that they have fallen asleep in the most bizarre places. Beds aren’t necessary for sleeping in when it comes to these six idols!

1. 2NE1’s Dara

Stairs aren’t typically the ideal place to rest on, but sleep was calling! Dara definitely looks a lot more comfortable than we could be.

2. BIGBANG’s Taeyang

It seems that even exercise can’t keep this top idol awake! Luckily for him, he even made a makeshift pillow for himself. That’s truly innovative.

3. RAINBOW’s Woori

RAINBOW’s Woori knows just how to make herself comfortable on this porch! Who said the floor can’t be a place to rest?


T-ARA’s QRI looks so sweet and adorable as she sleeps backstage. Idols will definitely sleep anywhere that they can with their busy lifestyles!

5. Ailee

Ailee is fast asleep on a sofa. The places and positions idols can sleep in are just as amazing as their talents.

6. GIRL’S DAY’s Minah and Hyeri

Minah and Hyeri look absolutely adorable! Hyeri transformed into a human pillow for Minah in the middle of a car journey.