6 Stars Who Take the Worst Selfies but Still Manage to Look Good

Their selfies are so bad, it’s actually hilarious.

Have you ever seen photos of gorgeous celebrities who take selfies that don’t do them justice? Sometimes, they’re so bad that fans ask them to swap faces so that they can be better portrayed in photos.

Here are 6 stars who managed to pick the worst angles and questionable filters to startle their fans:

1. Yoo Seung Ho

The popular actor, Yoo Seung Ho recently opened an Instagram account, but fans are shaking their heads at his unfortunate selfies. When fans asked him for a selfie, he replied with, “The thing is, I really tried to take a selfie, but there must be something wrong with my phone. Or is it my hands? Anyway, I’ll upload the best one I’ve got.

Even his co-star, Kwak Dong Yeon was taken aback as he said, “I thought I already took some good photos of you” and took it upon himself to teach him how to selfie.

2. Kim Yoo Jung

The actress, Kim Yoo Jung has been known for her beauty ever since she was a child actress. Her big eyes and distinct features never fail to draw in an audience. But when she takes selfies, she tends to pick the most questionable angles and make her fans very confused.

3. Ju Ji Hoon

The handsome actor, Ju Ji Hoon is also filling his social media accounts with very bad selfies. From dark shadows and bad angles to weird expressions and blurred focus, he never fails to surprise his fans with his questionable photos.

4. Yoon Se Ah

In contrast to the unparalleled characters Yoon Se Ah plays with her shining beauty and attractive voice, her skills pertaining to taking selfies continues to surprise fans. The angles are so questionable that fans wonder where she gets such ideas.

5. Son Ho Joon

The actor, Son Ho Joon takes photos that always make him look like he’s melting. Fans question what kind of camera he’s using because many of his photos are displeasing to the eye and the kind of poses he chooses don’t help either.

6. Kang So Ra

Kang So Ra is also known for taking selfies without caring about the angle or how she looks. In contrast to her outstanding acting ability on camera, her selfies often look like she forgot where to look or what angle to use.

Fans are often astonished by her selfies because it’s such a big contrast to how beautiful she looks naturally.

Source: Insight