6 Idols Who Touched Fans with Self Composed Songs That Express Their Love for Them

There’s no better gift than the gift of song.

Many would agree that a song is one of the best ways to express our feelings to one another. That might be why many idols express their gratitude to fans through songs.

Here are 6 idols who gifted their fans with self-composed songs in order to thank them for all they do:

1. BTS‘s V – “Scenery”

On January 30, V released his self-composed song, “Scenery” on BTS’s official social media accounts as well as SoundCloud. Before the release, V had announced that he had a gift for his fans on various award shows.

The song features a sweet and mellow melody that accompanies V’s beautiful deep voice. V composed the song himself and even shot an album photo for the song.

2. BTS’s Jimin – “Promise”

Last year, Jimin released his song, “Promise” on BTS’s official social media accounts, blog, and SoundCloud.

When he released the song, he announced, “This song is for you as well as myself. This is my first time doing this so I’m a little lacking, but please enjoy. ARMY, thank you for waiting patiently for its release.

3. IU – “Heart”

On May 18, 2015, IU released her self-composed song, “Heart”, which she wrote during her KBS2 drama, The Producers. This song was a surprise gift that IU gave her fans in response to the many birthday wishes she received.

4. Highlight‘s Yang Yoseob – “With You”

Before Yang Yoseob enlisted in the military on January 24, he released his album, “20 Full Moons”.

He picked the title to mean he will be back after 20 full moons, and he filled the album with his sincere feelings for fans. The album consists of two self-composed songs, “With You” and “Moonlight”.

5. B1A4‘s “A Day of Love”

“A Day of Love” was released on January 26, and it was composed by B1A4 member, CNU.

CNU explained, “I was curious when our fans thought of us, so I asked our fans when they think of us via social media, and incorporated their answers into the lyrics.

6. Park Woojin and Lee Daehwi – “Candle”

“Candle” was written and produced by Daehwi, and Woojin completed the serenade to fans by adding his rap. The song was gifted to fans as a surprise on Daehwi’s birthday.

Source: Insight