6 Photos Of BLACKPINK Rose That Will Make You Fall In Love

All eyes were on Rose during BLACKPINK‘s performance of “Playing With Fire” at the 2016 Melon Music Awards.

BLACKPINK stormed Korean music charts and won “Best New Artist” at the Melon Music Awards. To match their musical talent, the group took to the stage in dazzling outfits. Rose, in particular, turned heads and dropped jaws with her utterly beautiful and stunning outfit.

Rose’s outfit thoroughly complemented her energy and charisma on stage. The pictures below perfectly captured her grace and elegance.

Rose kept it classy with a simple black top and black leather skirt.

Rosé fashion.
She also wore a black bow around her neck and teased fans with knee high socks.
Rosé fashion.
No performance is complete without a great pose.

To complete the look, Rose finished her outfit with a crimson floral velvet jacket.

Rosé fashion.
She’s killing it with her dance moves!
Rosé fashion.
Who could resist her cute charms?
Rosé fashion.
Have you fallen in love with her yet?
Rose fashion.
In love with Rose? Check out her appearance on the red carpet at the 2016 Asian Artists Awards!