6 Real Korean Road Signs That Will Creep You The F**k Out

In most countries, road signs act as a friendly reminder to keep drivers safe, but these 100% real Korean road signs serve as a scarier way of keeping drivers out of any accidents.

Check out these 6 super creepy Korean road signs that might just save your life!

“Nod Off, Off To The Underworld.”

Falling asleep at the wheel is a major issue in Korea and is the single biggest cause of car crashes in the country. While this sign is rather morbid, it’s also incredibly accurate, letting drivers know of the dangers of sleeping while tired.

Source: Korea Exposé

“One Second, The Moment You Have With Life.”

This sign doesn’t beat around the bush, and just directly states that if stop paying attention for even one second, it could be enough to cause an accident and lose your life.

“Drowsy? Why Not Sleep A Little?”

While at first this may seem like it’s written by the grim reaper himself, tempting drivers to close their eyes, this also acts as a gentle reminder that parking somewhere and having a quick nap can literally be a lifesaver on long journeys.

“Drowsiness Is A Disease! Prevention Is Resting!”

So true, as soon as the symptoms of this disease are noticed, the driver needs to take a rest before continuing on their journey.

“You Nod Off, You Die.”

This very straightforward sign is phrased as a threat more than anything and is certainly one way to keep people aware of how alert they are.

“Sleepy Death.”

This sign paints an eerily direct image in the driver’s mind. Using just 2 words, this sign reminds drivers just how dangerous driving while tired can be.

Source: @chalkac27

Source: Korea Exposé