6 Songs That Have Established Wonder Girls As Legends Among Girl Groups

Nearing their tenth anniversary, JYP Entertainment‘s Wonder Girls has become one of the most iconic girl groups in K-Pop.

As their contract renewal date is approaching, rumors have recently surfaced about Wonder Girls potentially leaving longtime label JYP Entertainment. With only a month to go before their contracts expire, there have even been speculations about the group disbanding entirely. While the fate of the group is uncertain, there is no argument that they revolutionized K-Pop with their huge success both within Korea and internationally.

Here’s a look back at 6 of Wonder Girls most influential songs.

Tell Me

Probably the group’s most significant song also happened to be one of their earliest. Tell Me was released within the first year of their debut in 2007 and became an instant hit. The song was regarded as a viral sensation for its catchy tune and charming dance. To this day, girl groups continue to perform the song as a tribute to Wonder Girls.


This hit from 2008 came just 1 year after the group debuted but also opened the door to the American audience for Korean artists, this English version of their 2008 single was the first ever K-Pop song to reach the Billboard charts and introduced the genre to a whole new audience.

Be My Baby

Wonder Girls’ releases have always been massive hits in Korea, and this 2011 song is no exception. “Be My Baby” led their second studio album WonderWorld to the top of the Gaon Album Charts as well as high as number 5 on the Billboard World Album Charts in the US. The group has always taken influence from retro/dance music popular in 60’s and 70’s America, and this MV also draws heavily on these influences, creating one of the group’s most successful songs.


So Hot

Along with “Nobody”, “So Hot” is one of Wonder Girls most iconic songs and was an instant hit after its release in 2008. Continuing with the momentum left from their previous release “Tell Me,” it fully cemented Wonder Girls as one of Korea’s most important girl groups.


I Feel You

The girls have seen several lineup changes over their 10 years together, with the most recent came during their hiatus between 2013-2015. So when the group announced their comeback with the return of Sunmi and an entire new band concept, there was a lot speculation about how the group would do. It seemed, however, that the girls would continue where they left off, with this catchy, 80’s synthpop-inspired dance track. “I Feel You” shot to the top of 8 different Korean music charts and the album peaked at number 2 on the Billboard World Albums Chart.


Why So Lonely

Once again showing that anything is within Wonder Girls’ reach, “Why So Lonely” has the group shifting styles altogether. This reggae-inspired song was another massive success, topping the Korean and American charts. “Why So Lonely” shows that even after 10 years, the girls aren’t afraid to try something new and continue to explore new frontiers within K-Pop.