6 Times NCT DREAM Jaemin’s Baby Face Didn’t Match His Manly Body

#3 really shows his duality!

From his debut to now, NCT DREAM‘s Jaemin has grown into a confident and handsome man. Fans love Jaemin’s adorable face and cute personality but also praise his hard-earned and muscular body. Here are 6 times when Jaemin showcased his duality!

NCT DREAM’s Jaemin | SM Entertainment

1. From sending hearts…

…to stopping hearts.

2. “Hello Future” was so bright and happy…

| SM Entertainment

…and Jaemin rocked both stylings!

| @na.jaemin0813/Instagram

3. He looked so pretty in the “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)” teasers…

| SM Entertainment

…and smoking hot during stage performances!

4. His smile is so cute.

…thank you, Jeno!

5. When Deja Vu first dropped…

…compared to now is mind-blowing.

6. Jaemin is so pretty!

In every single way!