6 Tips From K-Pop Stars That Will Help You Make Your Makeup Look Even Better

Keep these tips in mind for your next beauty make over!

Korean celebrities Hong Jin Young, Park Eun Ji, and AKMU‘s Suhyun have YouTube channels that are popular among fans for great beauty know-hows! The three shared tips on how to use cosmetics correctly to create a style that will look better and last longer.


1. Use A Moist Sponge

Try using a moist beauty sponge for applying foundation. The tip is to run the sponge under water, then squeeze as hard as you can to get the water out. With a moist beauty sponge, you can apply the foundation, or BB cream, or a mixture of both at 50-50 if you have dry skin, by dabbing the sponge against your skin multiple times! The key is to dab as many times as possible, to make sure the skin is absorbing the makeup correctly.


2. Keep The Area Around The Eyes Lightly Covered

Try not to use too much foundation around the eyes. Wearing a thick layer of foundation around the eyes or the nose, where the skin naturally has a fold, will crack and dry out even more quickly and easily. So even when you are trying up to cover up wrinkles or blemishes around the eyes and the nose, make sure the base isn’t going on too cakey!


3. Dab, Don’t Paint!

When using a brush to apply foundation, again the idea is to dab, not paint! To make sure the base make-up layer is on as thinly and evenly as possible, you can dab with the brush. If you use the painting motion, simply because you’re using a brush, you risk leaving stroke marks that will be visible through the makeup on your face.

4. Don’t Forget To Highlight

Contouring is important, but highlighting is even more important. If you use a darker brown color to contour the outlines of the face, you must use a lighter highlighting color to bring out the central features of the face too. This will make sure to add dimension to the face! Remember to highlight where the light hits, like the cheekbones, forehead, and the nose bridge and tip.


5. Use Green Concealers For Red Skin

If you have a lot of red tones in your skin and around the cheeks, you can try color correcting that by applying a green tone base first! Before applying the actual foundation layer, use a brush to apply a green tone concealer to cover up all the redder spots. This will tone down the redness and help the foundation cover up the skin color difference even better!


6. Facial Oil + Foundation = Skin’s New Best Friend

For those with dry skin, this could be a lifesaving tip! Use a facial oil to strengthen your foundation. By mixing in a drop or two of facial oil to the foundation, you can make the foundation feel softer and make the application easier! Carrying around a small, traveler size facial oil will help when you have to correct your makeup throughout the day. It will also help prevent your skin from drying out and cracking.

Source: 1BOON