6 Videos That Prove Kai Is The Dancing King

Even in an industry full of skilled dancers, EXO‘s Kai has established himself as one of the top performers.

Since his debut, EXO’s Kai has been praised massively for his wonderful dancing skills. From his flexibility and endurance to his ability to excel in a variety of genres, Kai has built a reputation for himself as as one of the best dancers from SM Entertainment and the K-Pop genre as a whole.

Even among his group EXO, which have been known for all being able to consistently pull off difficult and complicated choreography, Kai has emerged as the top dancer in his generation. And while he’s consistently impressing fans and industry experts with his seamless moves, these six videos show just why he’s one of K-Pops best dancers.

1. Deep Breath

Kai’s solo stage for “Deep Breath” truly shows his versatile dancing skills.  He also incorporates acting into his dances and is full of passion.


2. Gayo Daejun Kai and Sehun solo 


Kai definitely puts his heart and his soul into his dance moves.


3. Monster 

Kai really stands out for his dancing even in group stages. 


4. Call Me Baby

He continues to improve with every comeback.


5. MAMA 2016 Dance break 

Every move is sharp and precise. He doesn’t miss a single step.


6. Lucky One 

Kai has a great stage presence that contributes to his dancing.