6 Ways Jungkook Has Changed Since Debut

BTS‘s Jungkook was viewed as a cute kid when he debuted, but now he has transformed into a mature man.

Jungkook debuted at the young age of 15. Having just graduated from middle school at that time, he appeared to the public as a boy that exploded with cuteness.

He has pretty doe-like eyes and a scrunched up nose when he smiles that earned him the nickname “bunny” from fans.

Jungkook had just debuted, and he exploded with cuteness at this point.

This is why fans call him “bunny”! So cute.

Jungkook’s messy hair and cute wave make all his fans want to protect him. He seemed like a younger brother type!

Now, he is 19 years old and recently graduated from high school. He was even seen wandering the streets of Hongdae without his members now that he has grown older.

Fans have even started calling him “oppa” now that he’s become a mature and handsome young man!

He has a strong, charismatic gaze

Jungkook no longer has that innocent gaze, but a very charismatic one.

He has a new sense of style

Jungkook has grown a lot since his debut. His tight clothes accentuate the muscles he has developed over the years.

He has new confidence and charm

The gaze in Jungkook’s eyes is different from when he was younger. His eyes are rather charming and alluring.

He’s got muscles

Jungkook shocked his fans with his transformation over the years. Look at those muscles!

His stage presence has grown

His shirt looks like it’s about to burst thanks to his muscular body.