The 6 Woorim High School Students In “Crash Course In Romance” Are Friendship Goals In Real Life

Their friendship is so cute.

The K-Drama Crash Course In Romance has ended, but the friendship of the young actors who play Woorim High School students is still going strong.

Nam Hae Yi, Jang Dan Ji, and Lee Sun Jae (left to right) | tvN

Crash Course In Romance tells the love story of a woman named Nam Haeng Seon, who sacrifices her sports career to raise her sister’s daughter as her own, and a successful but lonely celebrity math instructor named Choi Chi Yeol.

| Netflix

Nam Haeng Seon’s niece, whom she considers her daughter, Nam Hae Yi, is a top student at Woorim High School. Nam Hae Yi is often seen with her best friends, Lee Sun Jae, Jang Dan Ji, and Seo Geon Hu, and she has a rival nicknamed Bang Su Ah.

| @rohyoonseo/Instagram

These five actors along with Lee Sun Jae’s brother Lee Hui Jae have uploaded many photos of them hanging out outside of filming. Yoo Da In, the actress who plays Yang Dan Ji uploaded this photobooth picture with the caption: “You thought it was over? Bring out all the main characters.

| @rxudain/Instagram

Actor Lee Min Jae who plays Seo Geon Hu uploaded a photo of him and the three girls of Woorim High School wearing matching letterman jackets that say “Scandal Ilta” on the back.

| @__minnjaee_/Instagram

The six actors seem to be close, which makes sense as they were all born around the same time—from 1999 to 2001. Lee Hui Jae is the oldest at 24, and Bang Su Ah is the youngest at 21.

Dan Ji, Geon Hu, Hui Jae, and Su Ah (left to right) | @ktjtsmds/Instagram

There was even a moment when the crew all hung out together except Seo Geon Hu, so actor Lee Chae Min, who plays Lee Sun Jae,  uploaded a picture of Geon Hu photoshopped in.

| @l.c.m____/Instagram

Actors Roh Yoon Seo (who plays Nam Hae Yi) and Lee Min Jae commented on the picture.

Who photoshopped this wow~

I’m a shining solo

Actors Kang Na Eon, Yoo Da In, and Kim Tae Jung, who play Bang Su Ah, Jang Dan Ji, and Lee Hui Jae respectively, also responded to this photoshopped picture.

LOLLLLLL can’t believe this was already 3 months ago,,,,

Sun Jae, let’s play

Looking good~!
– from a Woorim High School graduate

Their friendship can be seen through their behind-the-scenes pictures during filming as well.

| @l.c.m____/Instagram
| @rohyoonseo/Instagram
| @__minnjaee_/Instagram

It appears that these actors bonded while filming, and hope that they remain friends forever!

Source: @ktjtsmds/Instagram, @l.c.m____/Instagram, @__minnjaee_/Instagram, @rohyoonseo/Instagram and @rxudain/Instagram

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