6 Wise Words By GFRIEND’s Yuju That Prove She’s A Genuine Sweetheart

What a lovely soul.

GFRIEND’s Yuju, who is known as the group’s main vocalist, is known to be very caring and confident in herself. She has worked hard to get to where she is today and never takes anything for granted. Let’s take a look at some of the sweet and heartfelt messages that she has written for fans!

1. Always staying humble

Just as you have given us this big gift, we will always remember this moment so that we can repay you with our efforts. In order for my promise of ‘being cool on stage, but returning to trainee Choi Yuna in the practice room’, I will always stay humble and work hard to make our fans happy whether it’s snowing or raining, so that the glass bead in my heart will never break.

— Yuju, Fan Cafe

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2. Amazing fans

Truthfully it’s still like a dream to me that I am receiving all this love and support from our fans. I am still the same old Choi Yuna in the practice room, but the amount of fans that are supporting me has grown. Just as I know how thankful I am to have all of you, I hope that all of you also know how amazing you are for supporting one twenty year old girl. You guys are the amazing people.

— Yuju, Fan Cafe on April 18, 2016


3. Always improving

I think I speak for all the members when I say that this album felt like we were debuting again. Our hearts are in the same place as they were when we first started and I hope that we stay this way. While we took a break after our first album, we monitored our performances and could see the parts where we lacked and tried to fix and improve those parts. I want to be an artist that becomes a little bit better each day. My motto to ‘always improve’. My mottos is to not just be better and improve but to know that even falling behind and taking it slow is still part of the process of getting better.

— Yuju, MyDaily Interview


4. Continue to look for new things

Not too long ago, I had the time to reflect on the word of the ‘beginning’ and there is something that I want to say to everyone as this year starts. If you think about it, things that we do each day is a first for us, even if it’s singing the same song or performing on stage. The people that come to see us each day is different and my overall body condition can change every day. With every second and every minute becoming a new time and a new moment, we always have to stay humble and remember where we came from. Instead of saying that I will keep my promise of not losing my intention, I will keep looking for new things each day and continue to keep this promise for 2018.

— Yuju, Fan Cafe on January 3, 2018


5. Genuine lyrics

I think that this was the hardest part about recording, because the message we want to share for each song is different. So although it’s fun creating lyrics, it’s also hard because we are always trying to come up with beautiful and genuine lyrics to express our hearts to our fans. But I want to thank fans for helping us create beautiful lyrics as we improve each day. I don’t know if I am doing everything right but I want to say that I am always trying my best. Since we are each other’s buddies we hope that you can gain strength and hope when you think of us.

— Yuju, Season of GFRIEND Event on January 7, 2018


6. The existence of the fans

2000 days 2000 days 2000 days…all the days adding up has brought us here. Truthfully I am always shocked at the thought of our fans and am always surprised at how we were able to meet. But now instead of being surprised, I want to take more responsibility of the love and support you have given us and make sure that that love does not leak out to anywhere else. This is how I feel about the existence of our fans. I hope you all have a great day.

— Yuju from 2000 days (July 7, 2020)


Yuju’s genuine and heartfelt messages can be seen through her words and fans love her for that!

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