This 65-Year-Old Korean Model Is Making Everyone’s Jaw Drop

It’s not just his age that has caught everyone’s attention:

The internet has been buzzing lately thanks to one top-notch model who leaves a very strong impression on the catwalk and just so happens to be 65-years-old!


Kim Chil Du is a Korean male model under TSP Model Studio and he’s recently caught the eyes of netizens the world over because he’s not the average model.


Part of what makes him so interesting is the fact that he’s older than most models, after all, it’s not terribly common to find models who are in their 60s!


But it’s not just his age that makes Kim Chil Du stand out. It turns out that he’s actually a rookie! He’s still relatively new to the whole modeling world, as he only started modeling in 2018.


Before he was a model Kim Chil Du ran a restaurant for 27 years and it wasn’t until his daughter challenged him to try out the modeling profession that he gave it a go.


But over the past year, he has quickly gathered quite the fan base. In the professional world, he’s done photo shoots for different luxury products…


Walked the catwalk at numerous fashion shows…


And even been featured in magazines like Dazed!


He’s also got quite the following on his social media, with 41,000 Instagram followers and counting!


It isn’t hard to see why Kim Chil Du has so many fans either. His charisma shines through in every photo…


Not to mention his visuals are always on point! Now we can’t wait to see what this 65-year-old rookie model has in store for us in the years to come!

Source: Sports Khan