7 Amazing Pictures Of Yura’s Sexy Comeback Outfit

Girl’s Day Yura is once again making headlines for her stunning legs.

Fans have even started calling Girl’s Day’s Yura “the idol with the sexiest legs.” With compliments like that, it’s no wonder her company would take her physique very serious, as Yura’s body is said to be insured for more than $400,000 USD.

Girl’s Day made their comeback with the song “I’ll be Yours” and fans that attended the comeback showcase were lucky to see Yura’s stunning visuals and hear her amazing vocals.

Check out some of these photos of the beautiful Yura!

With such amazing proportions, it’s no wonder her body is insured for so much.
It’s no wonder she’s known for her stunning legs.




Yura’s legs are the perfect combination between long lean legs and honey thighs.

Check out the music video for “I’ll be Yours” below.