7 Banned Photos Of TWICE Tzuyu’s stage outfit

Photography was banned at this event, but some photographers managed to snap these secret pictures of TWICE Tzuyu‘s incredible stage outfit.

TWICE held a special fan meeting where they filmed for a special DVD and banned all photography in January 2017. It appears that some photographers, however, disregarded the no photography rule and snapped these pictures of Tzuyu’s incredible outfit.

It’s no secret that TWICE‘s Tzuyu has the body of a goddess and a beautiful face to match, and these photos of her in a thick-stitched blue mini-dress are the ultimate proof.

Check out these photos of Tzuyu rocking the hell out her outfit and blowing fans’ minds:

Almost too short, but long enough to still be cute!

She is literally glowing.

Looking good, looking good!

Even just brushing her hair back, she looks stunning.

This dress provides the perfect contrast to Tzuyu’s bright red lips and fair skin.

From “Cute N Innocent” to “Sexy and I Know It” in a snap!

I see a baby blue lion cub.

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