7 GIFs of Seulgi’s Powerful Dancing

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi continues to amaze her fans with her incredible dance skills and with the group’s new comeback for “Rookie.”

As the main dancer of Red Velvet, Seulgi upholds the standard of being a dancer with grace, poise, and strength like you’ve never seen. Her moves vary depending on the song and style of dance, but she can pull off any concept from strong and powerful, to sultry and smooth. With a wide range of skills under her belt, Seulgi is a shoo-in to be one of K-Pop’s top female dancer.

From debut, all the way up to their current release, Seulgi’s been receiving a lot of attention and these are just some GIFs that highlight how talented she really is.

“Be Natural” and “Automatic” are both slower songs compared to their music now, but Seulgi still manages to hype everyone up with a touch of sexiness and her charismatic appeal.

Her lines are so beautiful and fluid when she dances to softer songs, yet sharp and consistent. But when it’s hip-hop or fast paced, Seulgi unleashes her fierce image and doesn’t hold back.


Seulgi’s covers of “Growl” by EXO and “Be Mine” by INFINITE were just two of the boy group songs she’s slayed so far and the guys should be shaking in their boots.