The 7 Most Handsome Male Idols According To Korean Men

Korean men are following in the footsteps of female fans and have revealed who they believe are the most handsome male K-Pop idols!

Male idols come in a range of looks from having an innocent and sweet appearance to being a bad boy, and then there are the idols that are just down right sexy.

In a past article, we discussed the top 20 idols that were considered the most handsome according to fans, however Korean men have spoken and these are 7 male idols that they consider the most handsome.

1. WINNER’s Mino

Mino’s hair and eyebrows are always on point.

2. B.A.P’s Youngjae

Youngjae hair is so full of volume and shine! People pay to have hair as luscious as his.

3. EXO’s Suho

Suho is incredibly handsome. His warm skin complexion matches with his hair color perfectly. He really looks like a gentleman.

4. BTS’s Jin

Jin caught everyone’s attention in 2015 for being so incredibly handsome. His charms and good looks are simply irresistible.


T.O.P is considered as being one of the most handsome K-Pop idols. Along with BTS’s Jin, and EXO’s Suho, he is loved by both male and female fans.

6. Block B’s B-Bomb

B-Bomb’s appearance is both handsome and sexy. He’s very cool.

7. BEAST’s Yoon Doo Joon

Yoon Doo Joon is incredibly cool.


Source: Pann