7 Idols Who Were Attacked By Haters And Fought Back In The Best Way Possible

Celebrities are often viciously attacked online by (sometimes) anonymous haters.

In the worst case scenarios, they get under these celebrities’ skin and try hard to bring them down.

The more popular, the more unique you are as a public figure, the more vicious the attacks can be.

These 7 idols and actors, however, didn’t take their haters sitting down and fought right back!

1. Yoo Ah In

Recently, a @KonnyakuPeach sarcastically tweeted at Yoo Ah In, saying that he seems pretentious, and Yoo Ah In tweeted right back, not budging an inch.

@KonnyakuPeach: Yoo Ah In seems like the type of person it’d be hard to be friends with. If you opened the fridge and found a single zucchini, I think he’d crinkle his nose and say, What do you think it means to be alone?

Yoo Ah In: Have you ever been beaten up by a zucchini?

2. Sulli

Sulli’s response to her haters who are leaving hateful comments on her social media about her “No-Bra” look is to not engage with them at all.

Instead, she goes about her life, posting photos she likes of herself.

Her defiant attitude has even garnered her more fans!

3. Suzy

Suzy responded to haters who made sexual comments at her and made sexualized images of her with strong legal actions.

She took to the courts to take care of haters.

4. Kim Ga Yeon

Kim Ga Yeon also took to the courts to address her haters.

She sued haters who made unprovoked vile comments at her and her family.

She’s a proponent of the argument that seeks to increase prison time up to 10 years for online haters.

5. Kang Eun Bi

Kang Eun Bi, the actress famous for her role in Wet Dreams 2, recently became a BJ at AfreecaTV.

To haters who commented that her staff and new hosts hate her, she made a direct response.

“You say that the staff and new hosts hate me. But in truth, at my Afreeca broadcast, I invite many new hosts and have a great broadcast every time.”

— Kang Eun Bi

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6. Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon

Taeyeon is famous for being defiant towards her haters.

One famous instance involved a hater making fun of her looks, to which she responded, “Okay. Go look in a mirror. 

Her fans loved her cool, calm response!

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7. Highlight

Highlight recently declared “war” on their haters and those who spread false news about the group.

Highlight’s label, Around Us Entertainment, made an official statement calling for Highlight’s fans and netizens to help them in their battle against hateful online comments.

Source: Insight